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Conflict in Cities special issue in Space and Polity

The catalyst for this special issue was a symposium entitled Religion, Violence and Cities, held under the auspices of a five year inter-disciplinary research project on ethno-nationally divided cities.

The rationale of the Special Issue is to examine how this religious dimension exacerbates (or moderates) urban violence within a broad comparative context. Although three of the following articles are informed by Project research, we draw the net wider to encompass a broader geographical spread from the Balkans, the Middle East, Nigeria and Japan.

Religion, Violence and Cities: An Introduction

Liam O'Dow
d & Martina McKnight
pages 261-269

The Fundamentalist City, Medieval Modernity, and the Arab Spring

Nezar AlSayya
pages 270-283

Violence in a Religiously Divided City: Kaduna, Nigeria—From the Shari'a Riots of 2000 to the Post-election Clashes of 2011

Colette Harri
pages 284-299

Capturing Facades in ‘Conflict-Time’: Structural Violence and the (Re)construction Vukovar's Churches

Britt Bailli
pages 300-319

Intersecting Religioscapes and Antagonistic Tolerance: Trajectories of Competition and Sharing of Religious Spaces in the Balkans

Robert M. Hayde
pages 320-334

Bible and Gun: Militarism in Jerusalem's Holy Places

Wendy Pulla
pages 335-356

Urban Intersections: Religion and Violence in Belfast

Liam O'Dow
d & Martina McKnight
pages 357-376

Murder on the Tokyo Subway: Nerve Centres, Religion and Violence

Ian Reade
pages 377-392