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Centre for Urban Conflicts Research


Anwar Jaber, a Cambridge-Trust scholar and PhD student in Architecture at the Centre for Urban Conflict’s Research, spoke at the The INTBAU World Congress in London.

The INTBAU World Congress is a biennial forum which brings together global perspectives and knowledge for discussion and debate of pressing issues and difficult questions facing the built environment in communities around the world.

Anwar was invited to speak on a session discussing identities that looked at the impacts on the built environment of our need for identity and meaning. Anwar presented part of her PhD research where she discussed the nexus between architecture and the national identity. In focusing on the Palestinian context, she explored how the socio-political conditions reflect on and contribute to our built environment, transforming the architecture and the city at large into an embodiment of these conditions, which becomes particularly evident and crucial under conflict.

As a conference speaker, Anwar was invited to a speakers’ visit of a development called Poundbury near Dorset, UK. The speakers had an architectural tour of the site and were invited to a reception hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.


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All image credits: Richard Ivey