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Centre for Urban Conflicts Research


Members of URC and Conflict in Cities are saddened by the death of Professor Rosemary Hollis. 

At Chatham House, Rosemary ran the Middle East Programme and later became Director of Research. In 2008 she moved to London’s City University to take up a Chair in Middle East Policy and to direct the Olive Tree Programme, bringing Palestinian and Israeli students together in an enriched BA course and forum for encounter and interaction. 

Rosy was a member of the Advisory Council for ‘Conflict in Cities and the Contested State’. She encouraged the development of the project from its earliest days and her belief in such a multidisciplinary endeavour greatly enhanced its development. In subsequent years she remained involved in our research efforts and was supportive of the Centre for Urban Conflicts Research. Members of CinC/UCR participated in various Olive Tree events. Rosy always gave us her time and expertise generously; we will miss her.