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Centre for Urban Conflicts Research


UCR's Dr Irit Katz will present her award-winning research at RIBA in London on 23 May 2017. Her dissertation, completed at the department in 2015 and entitled 'The Common Camp: Temporary Settlements as a Spatio-political Instrument in Israel-Palestine' has received both the RIBA President's award for research and the Association for Israel Studies' Ben Halpern Award for Best Dissertation in Israel Studies. 

 From their emergence in the 19th century to their current global proliferation, camps have been created extensively by and for different populations under the modern state order. Whether employed by national and colonial powers as instruments of control, or constructed ad hoc by displaced populations as makeshift spaces of refuge, camps are used as a versatile instrument for the rearrangement of people in space.

 Dr. Irit Katz will present her research  examining the camp as a central instrument by which modern societies and territories are administered, negotiated and re-organised, with the aim of identifying, understanding and re-defining the camp’s multifaceted spatial vocabulary to better understand this encompassing phenomenon which has become increasingly relevant and urgent in today’s migration age.

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