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Karol Kurnicki is a visiting researcher at the Centre for Urban Conflicts Research in the Michaelmas Term 2014/2015

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During his stay he will work with Dr Maximillian Sternberg on Centre’s Polish-German bordertowns research project.

He is currently at the final stages of his PhD studies at the Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland. In his thesis Ideologies in a City: On the social production of space he attempts a theoretical analysis of ideological understandings of space (and vice versa). 

He graduated in 2009 with MA in Sociology from Jagiellonian University. In 2012 he was a visiting researcher at the Culture Theory Space Research Cluster, University of Plymouth.

His research interests include: urban studies, sociology of space, Marxist critical theory, studies in socio-materiality and theory of practice. 

Recent publications include: Mechanisms of Loss (in: K. Nawratek, ed. 2014. Reindustrialization and Progressive Urbanism) and Towards a Spatial Critique of Ideology: Architecture as a Test (in: Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2014 38:1).

He was recently involved as an expert in the revitalization program coordinated by the Municipality of Kraków. He also helped to create the urban planning sections of the political program for the Kraków Przeciw Igrzyskom (Kraków Against the Olympics) local activist committee. 

His stay at the University of Cambridge is kindly supported by the Foundation for Polish Science under the Skills-Praxis Program.