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UCR at the 2018 Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference

last modified Sep 05, 2018 11:12 AM

 Last week, UCR's Toby Parsloe, Hanna Baumann, Amy Batley and Theo Bowering presented papers at the Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, in Cardiff. Their papers were entitled:

  • 'The Architectures of Securitisation in the formalised Berlin-Tempelhof camp' [Toby]
  • 'Formalising schedules, delaying arrivals: time as a means of normalising and deregulating movement in East Jerusalem' [Hanna]
  • 'Prepared landscapes and neurotic city-zens' [Amy]
  • 'Mobility, memory and ageing: changing assemblages of civic spaces and practices in East London' [Theo]