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Centre for Urban Conflicts Research



Ahmed holds a Bachelor in Architecture and a Masters in Urban Research and Community Development from the Department of Architecture Cairo University. His thesis studied architectural utopianism in the modern and postmodern paradigms, and was specifically concerned with their reflections and influences on the Egyptian avant-garde and architectural movements since the beginning of the 19th century.

Ahmed has been practicing as an architect and urban planner for the past 8 years in Egypt. He worked as an assistant lecturer at the department of Architecture, Cairo University until 2015 when he started his PhD. He is currently a co-editor for ‘Scroope 26’, Cambridge’s architectural journal, and serves as a supervisor for the BA Tripos (ARB/RIBA Part I) courses 'Islamic Architecture' and 'Divided Cities' as well as undergraduate dissertations.

Ahmed’s current research is situated within the ‘Centre of Urban Conflict Research’, and involves the study of Egyptian informal urbanism (‘Ashwa’iyyat) as a rising cultural landscape, focusing on the dynamics and mechanisms of the construction industry and their contribution to the cultivation of the ‘Ashwa’i logic.


Supervisor: Dr Wendy Pullan

 Ahmed  El-Husseiny

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