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Centre for Urban Conflicts Research



Amy's PhD research studies urban community, identity and conflict in relation to terrorism. Amy is a member of the Centre for Urban Conflicts Research and is supervised by Professor Wendy Pullan.

Amy graduated from Durham University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and a certificate in Politics. She then completed her Master's of Philosophy in Architecture and Urban Studies in the Department of Architecture at Cambridge in June 2017. Her Master's thesis is entitled: 'Terrorised Cities: Urban Response and Preparation in the (Re-)Creation of Terrorism'.

Amy supervises the modules 'Urban Issues Today' and 'Divided Cities: The Politics of Mapping and Design' for third-year students on the BA Tripos (ARB/RIBA Part I).

Outside of her work in the department, Amy is interested in media and journalism. She is currently an Associate Editor at Varsity, having previously served as Senior News Editor (April-July 2020), Investigations Editor (December 2018-April 2020) and Deputy News Editor (December 2019-April 2020) at the publication.

Follow Amy's twitter account for research updates.

Research presentations and talks:

‘Manchester Together’?: Unity and Community in the city after terrorism’, Conference paper at the 'Cities in Conflict: Urban Space and Violence' conference, in the session entitled: ‘Terror, Safety and Securitization’. June 2019.

‘Prepared landscapes and neurotic city-zens’, Conference paper at the Royal Geographical Society 2018 Annual Conference, in the session entitled: ‘Changing landscapes / Changing the landscapes of terror and threat: materialities, bodies, ambiances, elements’. August 2018.


urban terrorism; terrorism; urban conflict; community; urban identities


PhD Candidate in Architecture
Wolfson College, University of Cambridge
Supervisor: Professor Wendy Pullan
 Amy  Batley