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Nadia Charalambous trained as an architect and has been working as an academic and researcher at the University of Cyprus since 2008. She studied Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, University of London where she received her BSc, MSc in Advanced Architectural Studies and the Diploma in Architecture.  She subsequently completed her Ph.D. studies at NTUA, Athens. Underpinning all research and professional activities is a continuous interest in the socio-spatial dimensions of society and culture through a combination of spatial and social research methods. Research work investigates the complex relationship between urban form, conflicts and segregation through time.

During her stay at Cambridge she worked on an ongoing research project funded by UCY, which aimed at a more nuanced understanding of the relationship between conflict-led spatial changes and social outcomes through time. In order to understand the historically granted relations between space and society, the project proposed a diachronic analysis in an attempt to grasp the overlaps of their evolving processes and the impact of the needs of each to the evolution of the other. The spatial and temporal dimensions of urban conflict in Nicosia were studied in an attempt to a) further facilitate understanding of the ways in which urban form influences social outcomes and continues to have an important role in dividing cities, b) explore whether spatial mechanisms of ethnic differentiation in the walled city of Nicosia may have roots in the past and may be better understood as being conditioned by the interaction between “inherited” spatial configuration and contemporary life and c) explore the dimension of time and the role it plays in the way a divided city such as Nicosia, reacts to change and development.

She is part of a team working on Nicosia and divided cities and is studying ‘Diachronic Understanding of Urban Conflict’.  In Cambridge, she delivered a Martin Centre lecture on this research, met with UCR’s PhD students, and had discussions with members of UCR on possible areas of collaborative work.

Visiting Scholar
Department of Architecture at the University of Cyprus
Dr Nadia   Charalambous

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